Join In

English for Child Care and Education

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Das Hörverständnis trainieren: die Dialoge und Fachtexte des Schülerbuches „Join In“ als mp3-Dateien. Passend zur 6. Auflage des Schülerbuchs.


01 At the job centre

02 Inside the classroom

03 Gardening - an outdoor project

04 Welcoming new children

05 Choosing toys for children  

06 Planning a day at the forest

07 Celebrating Halloween

08 Thanksgiving - the story

09 Caring for infants and toddlers

10 At a British nursery school  

11 A phone call to Norah's mother  

12 Give them a good start- breakfast

13 A balanced diet

14 Planning meals for children

15 Baking muffins

16 Children who need intensive support

17 Why didn't we react

18 Andrew MC Arthur - a child with special needs

19 Windham Integrated Nursery School

20 When are you coming back  

21 Digital media in nursery school

22 You go girl - empowering girls

23 Changing places - Frederic's diary

24 Thoughts about my work experience in Britain